Sir Edmund Hillary 2003

In 2003 my style of painting was different to how I paint today. It's a style referred to as 'broadbrush' - applying the paint with a chiselled or square edged brush. The final result leaves you with a more apparent detail as opposed to a fine detail finish. This painting was to depict Sir Ed in the 1960's when he was very involved with the construction of schools and hospitals in Nepal. It was a period of his life when he was giving back to others. I saw this as his visionary time when he would beat down corporate doors, have never ending speaking engagements around the world all for the sole purpose of raising funds for humanitarian causes in Nepal.

(Dimensions: 1230mm x 70mm)

He was without doubt a leader which is why I wanted the viewer to be looking up at him in this painting whilst he reflects on what he had helped to achieve for the Nepalese people. Capturing that split second became the primary purpose of this work. Everest stands behind him as an ever reminding presence of Sir Ed's legacy.

Signed by me on the bottom right hand corner and Sir Ed on the bottom left hand corner both on the front and on the reverse.

The framing comprises of four frames with the centre piece being the free-floating painting . Each frame section took hours of consultation to create the perfect composition. All solid timber, the framing was designed to complement any existing art collection but was intrinsic in capturing the integrity of the artwork and the man himself.

In addition to this painting being signed by me on the bottom right hand corner and Sir Ed on the bottom left hand corner it is also signed by Sir Ed on the reverse.