Pele - Limited Edition Framed Giclee Print


Title: Pele - Limited Edition Framed Giclee Print # 5

First time offered for sale!

Size 1400mm x 1100mm (includes frame)

Framed artists' hand-retouched giclee print signed by both Pele and the artist Craig S Primrose.

I painted Pele in 2007 to celebrate the greatest football player of the 20th Century after carrying out a number of working studies of Pele’ which included watching many videos of him playing. This reference gave me a greater understanding of his particular style of play. The control he had over the ball was amazing!

Pele is a very focused person. When he is talking to you its as though there is nobody else in the room. You have his utmost attention. I think this is why he achieved such dominance on the field while playing. Very quick-witted and a great athlete.

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